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6:18pm 04-04-2015
anyone wishing for a beautiful baby, you cant go wrong with Fays kittens. not only is Fay one fantastic lady, her kittens etc are so unbelievable and so adorable. we purchased our babygirl from Fay 2006/2007 and babygirl is the most remarkable, beautiful, adorable, spoilt member of our family, plus runs our home, Thank you Fay.
1:20am 08-11-2014
frank ali
hi faye, my friend and i will contact soon regaurding finding a new friend kitten prefered and will be also part of the family are definately animal friendly people ok regaurds frankie and at sthelens tas by for now
1:17am 02-14-2013
Hello from Denmark,
I found your website address in a guestbook and decided to take a look. I will not leave again without leaving a message and thank you for making it possible to see all the good work you have put into your website.
Please take a look at my website:
3:07am 10-05-2012
are we getting the carnival letters next week]
10:32pm 11-02-2011
Hi Faye all I can say to you is thankyou sooooooooo much for my beautiful babies Belle whom is now 5 can you believe it and dear Ruby who will be 4 in a couple a weeks.. I love my babies so much they are soooo precious. Thankyou so much hope all is well with you and yours . My girls are so spoilt only ehat they deserve. Little cherbs xx
10:53am 09-16-2011
Pat Peck
Hi Faye, I must agree with other comments, you are the only breeder who gives all their attention to prospective owners, not like others who really dont care, they treat you as just another customer, not the lovely personality you have and attention to people who have just lost a family pet.
4:53pm 07-25-2011
hi trying to find Kim Koroknay of Korokat Silver Persians just wondering if you had a contact number or email for her
9:43pm 06-09-2011
Hello Faye , how the lovely Panorama Kitties , i often see updated pictures of Holly on the site and she is becoming quite a lady . So Beautiful and elegant the Golden Persian she is . She has the face of a angel .
7:48pm 03-02-2011
jaunice Ward
Hi Faye,l have visited many shaded silver ,chinchilla and shaded golden persian sites and yours are some of the prettiest l have seen,there faces are beautiful not too long or too flat just right''The chinchilla and shadeds to me are the most stunning cats around,l have owned chinchillas for most of my adult life (over 30 years ) and have never found another cat to match there beauty and elegance,hoping to purchase from you in the near future,love and best wishes (in memory of my beautiful forever best friend 'Krystal' who l was lucky enough to own and love for the best 12 years of my life)
2:46pm 02-18-2011
Ohhhhhhhh me is going to be a Aunt soon . So sorry Faye have been so busy but i can tell you , you have made one lady in South Australia very happy . Will email you soon, I told her she wont be sorry buying a kitten from you a long time ago and that's the truth .Lots of hugs to the Panorma furries
10:46pm 11-29-2010
Hi Panorma kitties and Faye. Love the way you have put all the pics up of the kitties with the judges . Its wonderful to see , you know i am a big fan of Panorama. Big hugs to all the furries
4:56pm 11-26-2010
cheryl mckibbin
Thankyou again for our kitten "Sookie". She is so adorable! Already sleeping in bed with me (is right next to me now) and has settled in so nicely. what an adorable purring fluffball she can tell she has come from someone who really loved her...will send you some pictures as she grows. I hope her brother is well too
Cheryl xx
12:14am 11-14-2010
Laurent to France
It was a real pleasure to visit your website! All your cats are so beautiful!
I wish you all the best for your breeding and shows.
Best regards.
1:47pm 10-19-2010
Hello Panorama
Taline put me onto you cause I was so interested in her beautiful chinis. Such beautiful cats you have and we may be interesting from buying from you in the furture. I've never seen a golden before - how exquisite!
10:09pm 10-02-2010
Hello Panorama all the best at the upcoming show, Faye you have been so kind to me and my cats and would just like to say that i had almost given up on asking questions to any breeder as i found them very rude and abrupt but not you , you seem to give everybody time and answer questions and very honest about it as well. Your babies well i can only say that their the best i have seen anywhere and to think i initially started the search for a friend of mine and now my tow cats are in love with the pictures they look at in the evenings while sitting next to me on the computer as all Persians do. We support you in anyway way Faye and very best of luck on Thursday. Big hugs to all the Panorama furries!
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