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1:54pm 10-01-2010
Panorama perfection great photo , eyes come out as they are gorgeous green, never seen green like that before. Well done Faye i love it .
1:52pm 09-28-2010
Helllllllo Panorama nice to see some new pictures up, just want to come to Tassie and give them all a big huge hug.
11:07am 09-04-2010
Oh Faye what a nice cover to the site, the kitties look so nice and happy and i think that is the way it should be. All someone has to do is look at a site to know how they were raised. So gorgeous and dainty yet very intelligent. Must be the air in Tasmania that makes them so gorgeous and of course having a owner like yourself. Well done i love it and love them
11:58am 07-19-2010
Hi I keep looking at your lovely babies, my heart has fallen in love with so many of you cats expecially, Panorama Enchanden , Panorama Purfection and most of all Ray of sunshine the Golden . Such a nice lady you are and what wonderfull advise you give in regards to the information unlike others. Thank you again i visit your web page because i have never seen so many gorgeous cats in any site i have visited. No wonder your Babies are so gorgeous they take after their owners personallity. You are honest and caring and have time for everyone. Thanks Panorama you deserve to win the world title as the nicest breeder in the world .
9:56am 07-14-2010
hello your website is very nice and your cats very beautiful
cattery les edenrocs : persians silver golden and chinchilla
clik for view my website!!
3:29pm 07-12-2010
" Congratulations on your web site your cats are just so adorable as a Chinchilla owner myself i would not mind another 10 more. Silver Chini's are the most cuddly cats in the world. Gorgeous and so loyal to their owners. Good luck keep it going , cause i dont see many breeders for silver Persians -they are ever so special
12:42am 04-20-2010
I liked has to congratulate you for your adorable cats and your nice site, by Laurent of France
10:06pm 04-16-2009
My compliments to a very nice website. I have a wonderful time on your site to see your lovely cats. I like your cats very much, they are gorgous. I wish you all the best for your future breeding. Best regards.
12:27pm 03-19-2009
Congratulations you have very beautiful cats.

3:35am 02-20-2009
Hello. I see a beautiful HP and very nice cat`s Fantastisk. Greetings from Norway from Melody Lady and Troll
2:49pm 10-29-2008
Hello !
You welcomes owner TITBIT cattery Natalya Drogaleva , from Krasnodar, RUSSIA.
It was real pleasure to visit your web site. Your Site looks wonderful and what lovely cats....
I enjoyed all of your cats. Good luck for the future and your breeding programm.

6:48pm 09-22-2008
Hello of France please have deposé a message in our visitors' book, has our tour(tower,ballot) we went to visit your.
That of beautiful cats, pure miracles!!! Of big blow of heart, wishes you good continuation in your passion.
8:53pm 08-12-2008
hi,u have the most gorgous cats i have ever seen ,princess and chanelle r purely purrfect.i hope my little princess grows up as beautiful as yours.
1:26pm 08-05-2008
hey, you have beautiful cats that one day i would like to own a cat as beautiful as your. keep up the good work
7:59pm 07-25-2008
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